While there are many different ways to monetize your email list, one of the most overlooked areas yet one of the most visited is thank you page of your opt-in form.

When people opt-in for your offer, they’re interested in your brand and your products, right? So, turn these interested subscribers into customers right away by including an offer on the thank you page after they’ve already subscribed!

To increase conversion rates, make sure you are using a responsive theme.

You should also add snippets of feedback from past customers if you have it available. Including reviews from satisfied buyers will immediately increase conversion rates as it provides social proof and helps to reassure potential customers who are just learning about your brand for the first time.

Your “thank you” page is the very first thing your new subscribers see after joining your email list.  This is their initial greeting and so it’s likely they’ve never even read an email from you yet!  

That makes it a prime opportunity to introduce those leads to your products or services, or at the very least move them deeper into your marketing funnel.

I know this goes against the grain of what some other email marketers teach. You know, those guys who tell you to spend months cultivating a relationship with your subscribers and building trust, loyalty, and all that jazz. 

But the truth is, while you won’t convince every subscriber to purchase from you right away, what do you have to lose?

I’d rather strike while the iron is hot than simply direct them into my mailing list while waiting weeks to even give them the opportunity to purchase a product that will help them.

It’s been said that at no other time will your subscribers be more engaged than they are immediately after subscribing to your newsletter. 

After all, you’ve done your job at persuading them to give you their name and email address. They’ve let you into their life, they’ve given up valuable real estate in their inbox so that they can hear more from you.  

So, give it a shot.  Set up a simple thank you page that gives them the opportunity to purchase your best-selling products.  Or, if you have yet to create a product of your own, introduce them to an offer you are signed up to promote.  

If you’re nervous about promoting or selling so soon after they’ve signed up to your list, consider creating a tripwire offer.

A tripwire offer is typically a lower-priced offer (somewhere between $5-25) that is designed to move someone deeper into a sales funnel without requiring a huge commitment from them.  Tripwire offers are a great way to speed up the subscriber-to-buyer transition. And if you want to skyrocket conversion rates, consider creating a bonus product that extends the value of the products you’re promoting.  Give your leads more bang for their buck and you’ll build a loyal following in no time.

Important Reminder:
I’ve mentioned earlier that successful email marketing is all about the relationships you build with your subscribers. Your subscribers need to trust you and the offers you promote.  They need to know they can rely on you as a quality and responsible source of information and recommendations. This means you need to be extremely careful with the products and services you promote throughout your email campaigns.

One of the products which I recommend for building funnels is from GetResponse’s Conversion Funnel. You just fill in the blanks, and its powerful sales funnel software does all the heavy-lifting. Give it a try as it is free for 30 days and no credit cards asked for.

Wish you success and luck with Funnels!

Photo by Maria Orlova