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Have you ever heard of cross-selling?  It’s when you direct a buyer to additional relevant products that you feel they may be interested in.

Amazon has cross-selling down to an art form.  Whenever you purchase a book from them, you’ll be immediately introduced to other books in that genre or category. 

Just the same, if you browse an author’s website on Amazon you’ll see “Buyers of this Book have also purchased” (known in the publishing industry as “also-bought’s”), and they’re a powerful way to keep someone active within the sales funnel.

In fact, when it comes to self-published authors, many of them have seen an immediate increase of sales whenever they’ve appeared in another author’s also-bought’s just because they’re able to siphon traffic and connect with a competitor’s readers base just by being featured as a similar author. 

When it comes to squeezing every dime out of your email marketing campaigns, directing people to other relevant offers is a great way to extend the sales funnel without having to have other products or services of your own.

So for example, if you are offering access to a training program that teaches people how to self-publish on Amazon, chances are you can’t cover every aspect of self-publishing.

After all, there’s: marketing, editing, proofreading, learning how to increase writing speed, productivity and focus, and the list goes on.

In other words, there are dozens of other tasks relating to self-publishing that new authors would likely want to learn more about.  Rather than continuously adding new modules and training guides to your program, you could cross-promote guides and books featured on Amazon and make money from every sale you make.

Cross-promoting via email campaigns is no different from traditional email marketing. You’re promoting products that are in the same niche as your own yet they cover new ground. 

Think about the different areas you haven’t covered in your own products or courses. What other avenues of training would your customers likely be interested in? What subject matter have you overlooked, or you couldn’t cover in one product or training program? Those products make fantastic cross-promotional items that you can introduce your subscribers to throughout your email campaigns.

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