Gener8 income by being the product

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Look at this video to understand the concept, What is Gener8 and what does it offer? Technically speaking, Gener8 is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that will pay you to view ads. It is indeed a legit site, which means you will really get paid. However, it is quite different than most other sites where you […]

Facebook advertisers can pursue class action over ad rates, rules US court

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The decision by US district judge allows individuals and businesses that paid for ads on Facebook and its photo-sharing app Instagram to sue as a group. Donato also said it made sense to let individual plaintiffs sue as a group, given that “no reasonable person” would sue Meta individually to recover at most a $32 price premium. A U.S. judge […]

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Don’t Try to Impress on TikTok – User Generated Content Guide for Marketers It doesn’t take a seasoned marketer to know that user-generated content is huge in content marketing right now. In this article, I’ll be going through the User Generated Content (UGC) basics, followed by an interview with Lusil, a talented and experienced Creative […]

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2022

Without careful planning, social media can sometimes feel like shouting into the void. By using LinkedIn ads, though, you can guarantee your brand’s voice makes its way to the right audience. And, an audience of influential decision-makers at that. Among the platform’s 690 million+ members, four out of five members have the power to impact business decisions. […]

How to Set Up a Bing Ads Campaign

With more than a billion unique monthly visitors, Bing is a hugely popular search engine. Sure, it’s nowhere near as popular as the world’s biggest search engine, Google, but it’s an impressive and powerful platform in its own right.   In fact, if you’re running a paid ads campaign, it could be a mistake to ignore Bing and […]

Facebook Ads: How to Optimize Text Per Person

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Facebook offers limitless optimization options to help you reach the right person with the right message. One of those options is Optimize Text Per Person. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use Optimize Text Per Person and how it’s different from similar ad optimization options. How to Use It The ability to optimize text […]

How to Create an Evergreen Facebook Ad Campaign

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As I speak with Facebook marketers on a daily basis, a common theme arises: They are able to create campaigns. The campaign is the foundation of your Facebook ad. This is where you’ll set an advertising objective, which defines what you want your ad to achieve that work for a while, but then they suddenly die. The […]

Tip #7: Bidding Strategies

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Something that many Facebook advertisers disagree on is bidding strategy. This is okay because in most cases there is no clear “right” or “wrong.” You use whatever works best for you. In this tip, I’m going to help you understand what the various bidding strategies are, when you might use them and how I used […]


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Here are the top ad tech execs designing the next-generation of programmatic advertising.  Google won’t officially kill off third-party cookies on Chrome web browsers until 2023, but brands, publishers and ad tech companies are getting ready now. It is going to be an active year for the ad community as it works to figure out digital marketing […]

Best Practices for Targeting with Website Custom Audiences

We sat down with Facebook advertising guru, Jon Loomer to dig into creative targeting with website custom audiences. He truly is one of, if not the, very best Facebook advertising experts around. And he gave us some awesome pointers. Let’s see what he had to say! DEFINING A WEBSITE CUSTOM AUDIENCE Before we got into […]