Social media analytics 101: The data that matters most

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What stats should be analyzed first? What metrics to choose? How to analyze the collected data? This article covers social media analytics step by step, giving you the ultimate guide to follow. 30-second summary: Marketing decisions should be backed by data about consumers, their behavior, and conversions. Marketing and namely social media analytics provide numerous […]

Facebook Ads: How to Optimize Text Per Person

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Facebook offers limitless optimization options to help you reach the right person with the right message. One of those options is Optimize Text Per Person. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use Optimize Text Per Person and how it’s different from similar ad optimization options. How to Use It The ability to optimize text […]

TikTok Hits 1 Billion Users—Faster Than Facebook (And More New Stats)

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The milestone we’ve all been waiting for is here: TikTok has passed 1 billion users. And that’s not all, either. Social media users have topped 4.5 billion too. In addition to some major gains for the biggest social platforms, we’ve also got the dirt on advertising audiences for TikTok (for the first time ever), Snapchat, […]

How To Convert Leads Into Sales On Social Media

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You’ve most likely heard of social selling. If not, we’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know. It’s not the same as social media marketing or advertising, even though it contains the word “social” in it. However, it has everything to do with people, namely your targeted prospects, and developing relationships with them via social […]

What is social media listening & why is it important?

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If you don’t listen to consumers, why should they listen to you? You won’t hear about consumers’ pain points. You’ll ignore requests for help. You’ll miss feedback on your products. You’ll be out of the industry loop. If you don’t listen, you won’t know what’s going on. This social listening guide is going to show […]

The Best Social Listening Tools 2021 ~ 2022

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No longer just a soapbox for shouting out your opinions. Way beyond a mere advertising billboard. Social media plays a key role in marketing, customer support, product development and crisis management. The key to exploiting it? Listening. To do that effectively, you need the best social listening tools. Here’s my pick of awesomeness… What is […]

The 15 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools of 2021-22

Looking beyond the challenging past year, it’s time to focus on what’s ahead of us. With top real estate experts predicting a post-pandemic rebound, there’s never been a better time to analyze your business strategy and plan for the upcoming months. If you’ve already begun setting yourself some ambitious goals for 2021, you’ll want to make […]